Tom Caines brings a lifetime of firearms handling, knowledge and training with him into the classroom. Growing up on a small farm in the Midwest, he was taught firearms safety and responsibility by his family early on. He used a .22 rifle at a young age to safely hunt small game and reduce the pests found on a farm.

Tom joined the US Army right out of high school, as an Infantryman. After completing his first enlistment and receiving an honorable discharge, he took a break in service and joined the civilian workforce. Missing the camaraderie of the military, Tom joined the National Guard, ultimately serving that organization in three states. While in the National Guard, Tom served in the Armor, Mechanized Infantry and the Combat Engineer fields. Tom was deployed on security missions for the LA Riots, the Northridge Earthquake relief, the Katrina Relief effort and a 22 month stateside Homeland Security mission with the Air Force. Tom retired honorably after 26 years with the rank of First Sergeant.

Tom also brings 20 years of experience in local law enforcement to the classroom. He holds a Master Detention certificate and is a Training Officer for his agency. Tom is currently POST certified as a Firearms Instructor for pistol, shotgun and patrol rifle. He is also certified as a Pepper Spray (OC) instructor and a Handgun Retention instructor for his agency. As one of the primary instructors for his agency in these areas, Tom has trained dozens of new hires and seasoned officers alike on the use of pepper spray, firearms, weapons retention and use of force.

Tom realizes how important it is to maintain proficiency with your chosen weapon. From his early days as a young infantryman, Tom sought out private training for his issued rifle and pistol, he shot in local and NRA matches and he helped other interested shooters improve. Some of the training Tom attended was in the areas of knife defense, ground fighting, and baton taught by the talented instructors from Spartan Tactical, Jeff Hall, Frank Oleson, Navy Seals and many local instructors. Tom is a member of his departments shooting team, placing in the Governors Ten each year he has competed.

During Tom's military career he represented his state by competing on the California National Guard rifle and pistol team and later on the Idaho National Guard rifle and pistol team, where he became the fourth soldier in Idaho history to become double Distinguished with both rifle and pistol. Tom was the Marksmanship Coordinator for his Guard unit in the Idaho National Guard and is a graduate of the Small Arms Instructor/Range Operations Course (SAIROC) and the Master Marksmanship school, where he was the Distinguished graduate for his class.


In addition to what's already been said, Tom is an Armorer for Glock pistols, Remington 870 shotguns, Smith & Wesson M&P pistols, and the AR-15 rifle.





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